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Z.É.R.Ø. Reviews

The 'Money? What Money?' CD has been receiving some pretty nice reviews. Here are a few...

       United Mutations     Expose.org

And here are a few more...

// "Wow!!! What an amazing cd....I'm listening to it now....i'ts so f@@@ing good I''m lost for words,"//

// "the Baby Cheevers Centerville is just fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard the 'WTF was that?' the first time." //

// "Really enjoyed the 'Money? What Money?' debut CD. Performing 'Pygmy Twylyte' as a country and western number, genius..." //

// "Been listening to the disc today and it's got its own stamp on the FZ lore. Lots of new routines, too many scatological musical references to mention, unbelievable performances. And, oh, ya. FUN. Many grinning-if-not-out-loud-laughing moments." //