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..: Z.E.R.O. Progress Report 2015 :..

    This is an attempt to sum up the past 365 days of Z.E.R.O. activity. It has been a crazy year, hard to believe how well the un-aimed arrow has hit its target.
    Last Dec, we had just sent the completed tracks for the "Money? What Money?" CD off to Cordelia Records in the U.K. Then, in March of 2015, Kevin and Rupert flew to England to crash the Festival Moo-ah just as the CD's arrived. Although Z.E.R.O. didn't really have a band or plan (or instruments) we still got to play. Rupert sat in with the Mick Zeuner and the String Trash Trio, and Kevin sat in with Ike Willis and Zappatika. It was a great weekend and we were able to meet and re-connect with many of our friends from 'across-the-pond'.
    Then, in April, Z.E.R.O. had a CD release party back in Seattle at Hangfire Studio. A fun night was had by all, we had catered purple and yellow cupcakes (and some grown up food), played some Frank, sold some merch and saw many old (and a few young) friends.
    The "Money? What Money?" CD is well received in the Zappaverse and Z.E.R.O.'s reputation (such that it is) starts to slowly get known by the important few around the planet. At some point, iBOZ (the International Bureau of Z.E.R.O.) is born and a collection of photos of iBOZ members from around the globe wearing their Z.E.R.O. T-shirts starts to grow.
    Fast forward to August, another gig, the Z.E.R.O. Live_Unit expands and drummer Joe Trump is added to the fray. As this is going on, work on the second Z.E.R.O. CD starts and negotiations to bring PoJama People (featuring Ike Willis) back to the stage after a 2-year hiatus due to the passing in 2013, of PjP band leader and drummer - Glenn Leonard, begin.
    Another milestone was hit in August and Z.E.R.O. is selected to play at Zappanale #27 in Bad Doberan in 2016. (YAY!)
    Acheming and networking continue throughout the Fall. 'Audible Response, LLC' is born to provide an interface between this "comedy-music project" and the world of banks and governments.
    Shift to early Dec - Z.E.R.O. has survived the Reindeer Ripped My Flesh tour with PoJama People and Ike WIllis, the 2nd CD is in progress. (We have tracks from Tubes drummer, Prairie Prince ~AND~ some vocals and guitar from Ike Willis in the can!) Z.E.R.O. is forming a plan for Zappanale #27 and wondering what the hell is going to happen next year.
• It really has been a pretty amazing 365 days...