Absolutely Free! Z.E.R.O. Dinero!

  • That's right! You heard right. The secret word for tonight is FREE!

    Currently Z.E.R.O. times 8 tracks of free alternative versions of previously released material
    waiting for you to download from the web and upload into your brain. What a deal!
    If you like this approach to FZ and would like to help Z.E.R.O. survive, please visit
    our page at Bandcamp and consider buying a CD. Every penny counts. Zappacheers!

    Village of the Sun - Rough Mix
    TYCOWYD Live at Moo-Ah 2017
    Idiot Bastard Son - Andrew Greenaway Edition
    Orange County Starship
    Oh No Alternative
    My Guitar... Instrumental
    Trouble Every Day - Son of - Again
    My Dog Has Fleas Trilogy

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