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The new CD from Z.E.R.O. - Santaville!
Santaville - featuring Juliana Brandon, Ike Willis, Craig Twister Steward, Mark Watson, Fred Händl, Marty Ross, Prairie Prince, Rupert Kettle, Joey Kline, Matt Fox, Jimmy Thomas, Armin Beck, John Parkinson, Joe Trump, Magnus Liljeqvist, Niklas Lychou, Hermann Schindler, Karen Luke Fildes, Tom Vail, Andrew Greenaway and Kevin Crosby.
We are currently offering an Early Elf Special. $12.00 for the disc and $3.00 for shipping within the U.S. [$15 total] Payments can be sent to zero@zeroensemble.com via Paypal. (We can take checks from within the U.S. as well. Please email us for details.) Make sure to send an email to zero@zeroensemble.com and send us a shipping address to back up the Paypal notification.

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