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Z.E.R.O. on Cordelia Records
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An international project involving over 30 musicians from 7 different countries working together to re-explore the music of Frank Zappa. Includes performances by Prairie Prince of the Tubes, Craig Twister Steward from the Mothers, Sandro Oliva from The Grandmothers, Inventionis Mater, MagNiFZnt, Tante Tofu and many more!

Featuring a cast of dozens...

Juliana Brandon, Christiane Seebach, Prairie Prince, Sandro Oliva, Craig Twister Steward, Andreas Steinhardt, Steffen Schindler, Marga Schindler, Cathy Sorbo, Rick Dybvad, Mark Watson, Rob Mitchell, John Parkinson, Joe Trump, Shawn Brockman, Ric Penttila, Geoff Pointer, John Webb, Ted Clifford, Fred Händl, Bruce Laven, Rupert Kettle, Matt Fox, Jeff Weideman, Jimmy Thomas, Andrew Greenaway, Niklas Lychou, Magnus Liljeqvist, Pierpaolo Romani, Andrea Pennati, Kevin Crosby